I’m Diana Bellofatto and I would like to welcome you to Yoga & Ayurveda Living.

Since 2001, I have been devoted to sharing the therapeutic benefits of yoga, Ayurveda, and rustic & Ayurvedic culinary services with compassion, intelligence, expertise, integrity, and a slice of humor.

With certifications in yoga teaching (200 & 500 hour), yoga therapy, pregnancy yoga, yoga for the back & Scoliosis, yoga for Eating Disorders, Ayurvedic Consulting, and more, my experience covers ALL ages, populations & disease conditions.

Ayurveda is traditional Indian Medicine (the sister science to yoga). It offers recommendations for nutrition, lifestyle, herbs, yoga, fitness, and environment. As an Ayurvedic Consultant, I offer consultations aimed at helping people achieve freedom from disease and live in infinite wellness.

Exercise is an essential part of healthy living. As a NASM certified Personal Trainer, I offer private & group personal training.

I also offer Personal Assisting & Conscientious Canine Care.


In the true spirit of Ayurveda (the knowledge that pertains to all aspects of one’s life), I offer additional services to support your needs for Personal Training, Personal Assisting, and Conscientious Canine Care.


Read what happy clients have to say about Diana!

Diana Bellofatto is an incredibly knowledgeable and resourceful Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Consultant. She has an excellent talent for identifying imbalance in the mind/body/spirit and has an incredible toolbox to rectify and bring one back into balance. Her personal practice and quest for knowledge through Yoga and Ayurveda is long and deep. In addition, she is an amazing Ayurvedic Chef.
— Kimberly Rossi
Spa Director / Ayurvedic Consultant / Yoga Teacher
Diana distills vast knowledge about yoga, nutrition, and Ayurvedic principles into truly useful and individualized practices. She brings enormous commitment and passion to all her teaching, along with a great sense of humor and a hearty dose of common sense. Working with her carries long past a single class or consultation. She has a knack for simple comments that reverberate long after the conversation. Diana is a teacher who quickly becomes a friend and priceless guide.
— Sharon