National Ayurvedic Medical Association Conference

Picture of By Diana Bellofatto

By Diana Bellofatto

As a contributing writer for the Art Of Living Retreat Center (AOLRC), I attended the NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association) conference in Texas in April with Kim Rossi, head of business development at the AOLRC.  The AOLRC was the platinum sponsor for the NAMA conference this year.  It is a retreat center that specializes in Ayurveda. You can visit their site to read about their services and peruse their blog  for various articles.

The world needs healing now, more than ever. Among other things, this year’s conference focused on bringing the word of Ayurveda into the world.  I’m always eager to share Ayurveda because it’s so vitally important to me so, doing my part is easy and fun.

There is a saying, “We teach what we have to learn”. I often find myself sharing things that I need to implement into my own life. At Ayurvedic school I learned that diet, lifestyle, and environment are the things that get us into trouble yet, they are the same things that can get us out of trouble.

If you embark on a path of healing please remember that you didn’t get to a place of suffering  overnight and it most likely involved wrong actions in your diet, lifestyle, and environment. So, it will probably take a bit of time to bring yourself back into balance. Now, the good news is that Ayurveda really works but you have to actually DO IT!  You can’t just be a know it all and understand it on an intellectual level, you have to put it into action and create a daily routine that is sustainable; as opposed to an all or nothing mentality that will set you up for failure.



Over the years I have had clients come to me and say, “I’m a perfectionist, it’s all or nothing.” (by the way, “all or nothing” is Western mind mentality) After I raise my eyebrows and say “really?”, my response to that is that “all or nothing” is a juxtaposition that is just about as imbalanced as it gets (think of a see-saw with “all” way up on one side and “nothing” at the bottom on the other side).  “All” is at the opposite end of the spectrum from “nothing”.   If you bounce back and forth from “all” to “nothing” you’ll find yourself in extreme opposites. Not a healthy place to be in!

Ayurveda has a saying, “Everything in moderation…..including moderation.”

Consulting with an Ayurvedic practitioner provides the too

ls with which to practice SELF CARE and be your own HEALTH ADVOCATE.  Ayurveda is Ayur=life Veda=knowledge.

You can receive an Ayurvedic Consultation at Yoga And Ayurveda Living and take charge of your wellness now.  🙂

Or, why not explore a visit to The Art Of Living Retreat Center in Boone, NC?!


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