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By Diana Bellofatto

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Yoga calls the spine “The Tree Of Life”, for it houses major energy centers, known as chakras.

The energy centers govern organs, glands, bodily systems, plexuses, emotions and more.

Chakras are like wheels that spin and have also been likened to vortexes and flowers with many petals.

In order to experience homeostasis, the chakras must be synchronized to spin at the proper time, in the proper direction, and at the proper speed.
Yoga provides the tools with which to achieve homeostasis.

Some spines are curved (Scoliosis) and some have suffered traumas due to injury or illness.

Scoliosis and other “back” problems create imbalances within the energy centers.

With a specific certification in Yoga for the Back & Scoliosis and my own personal relationship with Scoliosis, I am formally trained and experienced in observing the convexities and concavities of the spine.

I also observe imbalances in weight distribution and unilateral tightness in muscles of the body such as the psoas.

All of this perpetuates a lack of symmetry and pain. Imbalances in the spine can be rooted deeply within our consciousness and can be very debilitating.

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