Props to Hugger Mugger Yoga Props

Picture of By Diana Bellofatto

By Diana Bellofatto

I have been using Hugger Mugger products since 2001 and I can honestly say that their products have consistently been high quality and very long lasting.

Besides the high quality, I love that their products are eco-friendly, beautiful, and super durable. Be sure to pick out what you really like because it will last forever!

Products I Love

I love their yoga mats for their thickness, durability, and eco-friendly focus. The thicker mats are great for practicing on hard surfaces because they provide good cushioning but are firm enough to provide a stable surface on which to balance. The thickness of the mat also provides for a good amount of weight so that the mat does not slide around on carpeting.

I use their foam and cork blocks, as well. The foam blocks are firm foam-this provides stability for the wrists while being light enough to be gentle on the wrists and light and easy to tote around. The foam also makes them good for sitting on in different positions and for general meditation practice. The cork blocks are great for stacking multiple blocks on top of one another for various positions where there is a lot of weight bearing.

Hugger Mugger’s bolsters are fantastic. They are sturdy but soft and have removable, washable covers.
I also use their pinch release straps and I like that they come in longer lengths which makes them more versatile and functional.

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