Ayurveda & Culinary Services


Diana did an Ayurvedic consult for me last year. As a daily yoga practitioner and one who follows a healthy diet and exercise program, I figured the information would be interesting, but not necessarily something I would use in day to day practice. I was so wrong! From our session together, I learned new practices which I have incorporated into my daily health routine. I feel much better, more vibrant, more energized, and better balanced. I highly recommend that anyone interested in improving their health and wellness, schedule some time for an ayurvedic consult. Diana is a talented and experienced teacher who can personally guide you to a new level of wellness. It certainly worked for me!
— Kathy Mills
RN (Registered Nurse & Homemaker)
I gave myself the gift of an Ayurveda consultation for Christmas this year. The experience I had with Diana was truly awesome. Diana took so much care and time with me. She gave me great advice to make small changes in my life through diet, exercise, family time, and play time. The physical benefits were quickly noticed from better sleep to stronger nails. Diana explained the reasons behind these changes and it made it so much easier to remember and to follow. I have recommended Diana to all my friends.
— Betsy Sullivan
High School Guidance Counselor