You could say that mudras are hand yoga. While mudras are most widely known as gestures made with the hands, there are yoga postures that are also considered mudras. Photos of mudras most often depict a person sitting with their hands in a mudra while meditating, but you can also practice mudras while doing active […]

Get Taller & Gain Symmetry with Yoga!

YES!!!! YOGA CAN MAKE YOU TALLER & CORRECT YOUR POSTURE!!! 1.5 years after beginning yoga, Yoshi’s height has gone from: December 2016 : 5′ 0.35″(153.3cm) October 2017 : 5′ 0.63″(154.0cm) June 2018 : 5′ 0.67″(154.1cm) Additionally, she experienced a pronounced anterior tilt of the pelvis before beginning yoga which caused back pain. Her pelvis is […]