We’ve expounded on the benefits of apples before, but because they are one of the few local fruits that are still fresh at this time of year in the northern hemisphere, they’re perfect partners for the winter holidays. Give them as gifts, use them as tree decorations, fill the toes of Christmas stockings, or make delicious applesauce […]


Blueberries are a very popular ingredient in summertime fare—eat them freshly picked or incorporate them into a wide variety of delicious recipes, jellies, and jams. Ayurveda is a big proponent of seasonal eating. Foods have a season for a reason! The stomach, pancreas, and small intestine make enzymes.  Even enzymes follow circadian rhythms—the type of […]

I Only Have Fries for You: Tofu Fenugreek Fries

If you’ve ever had tofu, you know that it does not have much flavor on its own. However, it’s very receptive to spices and spices are what is called for to aid in digestion of tofu’s heavy, wet, cold qualities. There are numerous spices in this recipe but one that stands out is fenugreek. Fenugreek has a […]

What’s Your Hurry, Have Some Curry!

Winter, replete with the combination of space and air elements (vata), is famous for dishing up distress in the digestive department when vata becomes over abundant (dosha). Therefore, even if we favor healthy foods, it will be hard for these foods to avail themselves of their nutrients for our assimilation if the digestive fire is […]

Monthly Articles by Diana

Just a quick note to let you know that I’m back to writing monthly articles for the Art Of Living Ayurvedic Retreat Center! The articles feature yoga advice, Ayurvedic recipes and other health and wellness related topics. You can find the articles in the blog section of the Art Of Living’s website. I also post […]

September Recipe Article

I contribute articles to The Art Of Living Ayurvedic retreat center in Boone, NC. Here is the September recipe article.  Enjoy & be well. Beet Apple Celery Kale (BACK) Salad   Wow, some of us have experienced an intensely hot summer this year! The Ayurvedic way tells us to cleanse at the end of summer […]