FB Post Re: The Spine

Please visit my Facebook page for more posts:  Yoga And Ayurveda Living Yoga calls the spine “The Tree Of Life”, for it houses major energy centers, known as chakras. The energy centers govern organs, glands, bodily systems, plexuses, emotions and more. Chakras are like wheels that spin and have also been likened to vortexes and […]

Get Taller & Gain Symmetry with Yoga!

YES!!!! YOGA CAN MAKE YOU TALLER & CORRECT YOUR POSTURE!!! 1.5 years after beginning yoga, Yoshi’s height has gone from: December 2016 : 5′ 0.35″(153.3cm) October 2017 : 5′ 0.63″(154.0cm) June 2018 : 5′ 0.67″(154.1cm) Additionally, she experienced a pronounced anterior tilt of the pelvis before beginning yoga which caused back pain. Her pelvis is […]

Why Slow Yoga?

THE IMPORTANCE OF SUSTAINING A YOGA POSE 2 things happened simultaneously-I started teaching a yoga class at a yoga studio recently and at the end of  class I received feedback that the students were not used to staying in yoga poses as long as I asked them to and they enjoyed the experience of moving […]