Sleep is one of the most important factors for allowing the body and mind to thrive and experience homeostasis. Sleeping well is vital for maintaining a strong sense of vitality, happiness, strength, mental acuity, and more. Unfortunately, these days sleep disturbances are becoming more and more prevalent. If you’re experiencing sleep issues, perhaps yoga and […]


There are several reasons men can develop prostate problems—genetics, diabetes and heart disease, and obesity—for many men it is a natural part of aging which could be linked to hormonal changes and levels of DHT in the body. Whether you’re already dealing with issues, or just looking for natural ways to bolster prostate health, the […]


Ayurveda classifies five tanmatras (subtle elements) used for sense perception—sight/form, taste, sound, touch, and smell. It explains that energy escapes from the eyes, mouth, ears, and nose. Of all the “doorways” from which energy escapes, the eyes release the most—up to 80% of energy is lost when the eyes are open. You can also factor […]

The Role of Yoga Women’s Health

The therapeutic value of yoga is far reaching, it goes well beyond the scope of the physical body. A basic understanding of the stages of life offers insight as to how a woman can practice self-care and connect to the ancient wisdom of yoga to live a balanced life. The Three Stages of Life Ayurveda […]

Yoga for Resilience & Weight Loss

What do resilience and yoga have to do with weight loss? One definition of resilience is “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.” Unless we are born resilient, it is likely that we come to embody resilience by way of necessity. Challenges and obstacles put in our paths necessitate the need for us to learn […]

Monthly Articles by Diana

Just a quick note to let you know that I’m back to writing monthly articles for the Art Of Living Ayurvedic Retreat Center! The articles feature yoga advice, Ayurvedic recipes and other health and wellness related topics. You can find the articles in the blog section of the Art Of Living’s website. I also post […]

FB Post Re: The Spine

Please visit my Facebook page for more posts:  Yoga And Ayurveda Living Yoga calls the spine “The Tree Of Life”, for it houses major energy centers, known as chakras. The energy centers govern organs, glands, bodily systems, plexuses, emotions and more. Chakras are like wheels that spin and have also been likened to vortexes and […]

Get Taller & Gain Symmetry with Yoga!

YES!!!! YOGA CAN MAKE YOU TALLER & CORRECT YOUR POSTURE!!! 1.5 years after beginning yoga, Yoshi’s height has gone from: December 2016 : 5′ 0.35″(153.3cm) October 2017 : 5′ 0.63″(154.0cm) June 2018 : 5′ 0.67″(154.1cm) Additionally, she experienced a pronounced anterior tilt of the pelvis before beginning yoga which caused back pain. Her pelvis is […]

Why Slow Yoga?

THE IMPORTANCE OF SUSTAINING A YOGA POSE 2 things happened simultaneously-I started teaching a yoga class at a yoga studio recently and at the end of  class I received feedback that the students were not used to staying in yoga poses as long as I asked them to and they enjoyed the experience of moving […]