Life Liaison — Personal Assisting


In the true spirit of Ayurveda (the knowledge that pertains to all aspects of one’s life), I offer additional services to support your needs for Personal Training, Personal Assisting, and Conscientious Canine Care.


Diana is an amazing, professional personal assistant. I am very grateful to have Diana work with me. She is articulate, thoughtful in her actions, and her unique perspective always provides me with grounding and a sense of order. She is well respected by my network of “people” and I can always depend on her and trust her to get the job done with a high degree of quality.

On occasion, Diana provides additional services like creating delicious and nutritional meals for me. She does everything from managing my finances to organizing my closets up to and including my life activities.

She helped me through some very difficult and stressful times. She has done everything from paperwork to overseeing the auction company selection through completion of my father's estate auction. Diana gets it done with quality and thoroughness. She is trustworthy, collaborative, diligent, dependable, smart and energetic. Diana solves problems and lowers stress with her calm strength. Highly recommended. P.S. It is helpful that she is an animal lover!
— Julie Ruth
My relationship with Diana started out as a private yoga instructor. Through her teachings I learned a lot about myself and my body. She taught me poses that were specifically good for me, she also taught me about many foods to eat that were also good for me. There are countless things I have learned from her that are advantageous to me. One thing that I love about Diana is that she practices what she preaches. Diana also works for me as my dogs caretaker and she always takes care of them like they are her own.

Diana is a very kind compassionate person. She always put people first and takes very good care of them and their needs. It is a pleasure working with Diana, she is a very bright caring person and I always learn new things from her.

Diana works for me at Stepping Forward Counseling Center and has always been open to learn new things and does anything that is asked of her. Not only is she a yoga instructor/nutrition consultant for the clients, she has worked as my assistant as well as in several other capacities. She is always early for work, takes on many different tasks and always demonstrates the utmost professionalism. As the CEO, I find it difficult to find committed dedicated employees.

Diana is an employee that I am honored to have as part of my team.
— Christine
Stepping Forward Counseling Center