Diana, I appreciate all that you have done in the past two years to "open my eyes again" to so much beauty that I had become jaded to or simply overlooked in the chaos of life. You taught me how to "play" again, how to appreciate the most simple yet exquisite pleasures in life and gave me permission to continue my journey of self-discovery without feeling selfish or guilty.

Over the years when people ask me what I have done with my degree in fine arts and if I still practice my art I have jokingly responded "Sure ... I paint scenery for my children's plays, the walls and furniture in my home, make halloween costumes and create a wide variety of materials for a zillion volunteer activities!" For the past 24 years, my children have been my canvas and I have loved every second of it. But as I prepare my last one to head off to college, I can't help but be so grateful for having you as my guiding spirit as I rediscover my independence and learn to better care for my own health and this "aging temple" of mine!

Your enthusiasm is so contagious and encouraging. Thank you so much for choosing to share your many gifts with me. You are an incredibly wise and generous friend.
— Love, Maura
Highly intuitive and extremely articulate, Diana Bellofatto is a gifted natural teacher. I have been privileged to experience her yoga instruction in a variety of settings, from large group classes to individual and couples yoga sessions. In each of these venues, Diana shines. Her ability to describe complicated yoga positions in vivid, clear language, her effortless prowess in demonstrating positions, and her delightful personality make her classes both effective and very enjoyable. Even in her larger classes, Diana is always aware of each student, and makes tactful, individualized recommendations and modifications.

I have also had the opportunity to experience Diana's Ayurvedic consultations, which are comprehensive and very informative and helpful. As a direct result of my ongoing work with Diana, I have been delighted at the body awareness, flexibility and strength I have gained. She has made a lasting contribution to my health and happiness. I have been so impressed with Diana's work that I have referred several of my patients to her for yoga instruction and/or Ayurvedic consultation to help with their depression and anxiety. Diana is passionate about yoga and Ayurvedic medicine, and lives her own life in keeping with the principles of both disciplines. She radiates good health and clearly practices what she teaches.
— Dr. Judith Springer
Diana's ability to integrate both physical and spiritual well being in an environment of comfort and challenge is unsurpassed. She is truly gifted in encouraging her clients to reach their own edge and strive for constant improvement. Her sessions are like a breath of fresh air in an overscheduled world. Her focus on an Aryuvedic slant to life enhances this feeling of balance that she strives to help us all incorporate into our life. I am constantly impressed by her ongoing enthusiasm and willingness to share these aspects of health that we Westerners are so unaccustomed to acknowledging.
— Lorie Reder
Diana Bellofatto is a fantastic Yoga/Wellness instructor. I have been practicing yoga with Diana for 5+ years. She brings her heart, soul and mind to her instruction. This is the case whether leading a private session, or a large full class of students of varying abilities. I thoroughly enjoy her teachings. I always feel invigorated yet centered and peaceful during and after a session with Diana. I am never bored with the same routine as each class is unique but always satisfying. One can tell she continues to learn and shares her knowledge with her pupils. As I continue on my path to spiritual, physical and mental well-being, I give Diana much credit with regard to my interest level, perseverance and commitment.
— Marcy Kearney
Some years ago I was introduced to Yoga. Periodically, I'd find a class. The classes would finish, and so did I. I always felt refreshed, alert, whole and in some indescribable, way "better" and wondered, "why aren't I doing this all the time?" Usually the answer was either "no time" or "no budget". Then I met Diana Bellofatto who is not only immediately likeable, she also is a certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor and a Certified Ayurvedic Consultant. During my first consultation she generously gave me a hand-drawn "morning salutation" yoga guide so I could practice at home any time. She carefully taught me each asana (posture, movement). I can't say I do everything perfectly or everyday (shh, don't tell her I said that) but it has brought me nearer my goal of a more health-filled life.

Her Ayurvedic consult was also very interesting, insightful and aligned with my own thoughts about seasonal eating, daily exercise and spiritual connection - which were not in conflict with my Christian background (BTW). I have successfully integrated several of her suggestions for my constitution (body type) and continue to work toward wholeness through meditation, yoga, healthier lifestyle practices and seasonal "check-ins" with Diana.

Wishing you abundant health.
— Nancy Hults-Rubin
Human Becoming